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Q: I have a 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 and I believe the Serpentine Belt has gone on the vehicle and now the car wont even start before

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About a month ago I was told by a mechanic that my serpentine belt was bad and needed to be replaced but at the time I couldn't get it done so. This week I was going to get it fixed but the car didn't make it. Last week my car started to make this noise and then as I would drive the check engine light would come on and then go off after a little while. I felt like something bad was about to happened so I parked it in front of my home and didn't move it. I went out to warm it up just because it was very cold out and I knew I wouldn't be driving it until I was able to get it fixed but once I turned the key ALL the lights on the dashboard started to come on and the heat actually wouldn't work anymore I would hear a little crank but nothing else. Now I am not sure if the battery went or is this the cause of the Serpentine Belt not working properly or completely ruined ?

My car has 174000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The issues you are having may very likely be related to the serpentine belt failing. Typically they break, or stretch out. It should be easy to see if you were to open the hood. A quick visual inspection should tell you if its at least intact. If its completely broken the vehicle is not going to run. If the battery is the issue, then you will need to charge it or jump start the vehicle. Again, this is fairly easy to do. Changing the belt if it is not broken is still critical. A broken belt will leave you stranded and can lead to more engine damage than necessary. Look for the belt to be intact, and jump start the vehicle if needed.

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