Q: How do I Fix My 2001 VW Passat GLS from turning off at low speed to a complete stop?

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My 2001 VW Passat drives fine at driving speed, but then shut off when coming to a complete stop Or within the 15 mph mark. I HAVE to keep my foot on the gas pedal from turning off. Sometimes when turning my car on it idles very low to car turning off.

My car has 226000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

The first thing to check for is air leakage. Any hose or rubber boot that carries air into the engine must be secure and undamaged. Any minor air leaks can cause stalling at low speeds. Another possible culprit is the throttle motor. The throttle motor is supposed to automatically control the small opening that allows air into the engine for idling. At high mileage, there may be carbon deposits on the throttle plates that can interrupt air flow. Throttle bodies are expensive however, so you don’t want to buy one unless it has been properly diagnosed. By contacting Your Mechanic, you can have a technician come to your home or office to check out your stalling problem and advise you as to what you can do about it.

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