Q: How can i confirm the harmonic balancer is broken

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started my Bronco yesterday in AM there was no issue, when I started it at lunch it felt like the front clip was going to come off. I gave it gas and the vibration lessened, When the RPM drop back down the shaking returned and it would stop for a short time and the shaking returned. I drove it a couple of miles and the shaking lessened a bit not a whole lot. I opened the hood and noticed, looking from the passenger side I saw something behind the crank pulley that was moving back and forth and when it moved the shaking returned and there was a clanking sound that also appeared to originate from the crank pulley area. If I do the work myself what are the gotchas i should about and how do I confirm that is the issue? If it is Harmonic Balancer what is the cost for the repair, also what would it cost to replace the font and rear seals and the oil pan gasket, can you replace a trans dipstick. And change the tranny fluid and gasket

My car has 197000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There should be no appreciable run-out on the crank pulley and if a physical inspection of the balancer reveals damage, it should be replaced. If you do have a failed balancer, don’t operate the engine because the imbalance and/or torsional forces on the crankshaft can cause damage to the crankshaft and main bearings. You can obtain the requested repair quote, and schedule the repair as you like, by simply visiting YourMechanic’s harmonic balancer repair service page and click on "Get a Quote". Similarly, costs can be obtained for the transmission fluid change, the crankshaft seal replacement, and the oil pan gasket replacement. If you request any of these services, the responding certified mechanic will be glad to implement the repairs and answer any questions that you might have. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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