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When I try to turn my truck on it makes a noise like it's already on but it won't start and I have to try like 8 times before it turns on and it keeps getting worse I recently went to get an oil change and they said one of my spark plugs was going bad but could that stop my truck from starting?? Or could it be my starter??

Any number of things can cause a hard starting condition . A worn spark plug or plugs, can cause a hard start. However, if one plug alone is fouled, the reason for that one plug being fouled has to be determined. I single fouled plug can be caused by that cylinder running too lean and misfiring, running too rich - which can be caused by a faulty injector if the vehicle is fuel injected - so the plug cannot burn all the fuel going into that cylinder, or mechanical engine wear if it is oil fouled. If the vehicle cranks but does not start, odds are the starter is functioning properly.

If the vehicle is fuel injected, or even carbureted - with an electric fuel pump, low fuel pressure can cause a hard start as well. The fuel system should maintain a certain amount of fuel pressure after the vehicle is shut down and sits, even overnight. If the fuel pump is not providing enough fuel pressure on start up, the system can crank for a long time before starting. If for example, the fuel pump check valve is faulty, it can allow fuel to drain back to the fuel tank, basically draining the fuel lines. If this happens,, it can take several attempts to start the vehicle as it will take some time to re-pressurize the fuel system.

Have a certified technician look into the hard starting condition to isolate the exact cause.

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