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One random day my Kia started losing power while driving it, My check engine light came on, so I went to get the trouble code. The code came back as P0305. I drove it 2 more weeks (waiting for pay day to take it to a mechanic). It didn't hold up for me to get it there. I began to smell a burnt rubber smell while waiting in the drivethru. Suddenly I seen a little bit of white smoke, I couldn't tell if it were me so I turned my car off. When I went to start the car again it gave me trouble. I was able to pull up to get my food once I started driving down the street it started to shake a tad and all of a sudden it stopped. I tried to crank again and nothing. At this point the lights were no longer coming on so I attempted to get a boost and nothing happened. I ended up purchasing a new battery and when I turn the key all the lights go dim. We checked the started and it's good. I really need help.

My car has 160000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.


Anytime you’re ECU stores an error code, it’s typically a sign that a major mechanical or electrical issue could cause serious damage to the engine. In this case, the P0305 OBD-II Trouble code indicates that the engine control module (ECM) detected a misfire on cylinder number 5 of the engine. Most of the time, it’s caused by spark plugs or plug wires that are faulty, however, it is also sometimes caused by the valve cover leaking oil into the spark plug holes and shorting the spark plug firing for cylinder number 5. If this is the source, it can cause the burning smell and having difficulty starting the engine. You should have a professional mobile mechanic complete a car is hard to start inspection as soon as possible so they can accurately pinpoint the source of your troubles.

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