Q: Head Gasket and Timing Cover Replacement

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I bought my Rav4 to the dealer for for an oil change and was told I need to have the head gasket replaced and the timing cover. My previous oil change there were not any issues, however the two oil changes prior to that one they said I may have a leak. They want to charge me $4700.00 which seems outrageous. I understand the complexities of having to replace the head gasket but once the engine is taken apart I don't feel I should have to pay for the full labor of the timing cover replacement. It seems they want to charge me the full labor for both of these. Should I get a second opinion

My car has 101300 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

It’s always best to get a second opinion on serious repairs services such as replacing a head gasket. In fact, in many cases, the cost or side effects of a blown head gasket can only be determined once the engine is disassembled; which can lead to extensive repairs to internal engine components. You might want to weigh the cost of repairs and replacement vs. buying and installing a new engine or simply buying a new vehicle; as head gasket damage can be very expensive and cost prohibitive.

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