Q: Going down the road...it jumps and dies...I pull over and it starts back up

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Going down the road...it jumps and the car dies...I pull in a parting lot...put in gear...and it starts backs up

My car has 200 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission. Fuel filter or pump?

Intermittent low fuel pressure could cause the problem you are describing, perhaps aggravated by a restricted fuel filter, however, stalling is also commonly due to faults in the ignition switch, hall effect sensors, idle speed control (ISC) system, loss of ignition related to module/coil failures, and vacuum or EGR leaks. Occasionally, the cause is found to simply be excessive water in the fuel. The fuel pump pressure and output can be tested but a problem, of course, is if there is an intermittent electrical fault in the circuit supplying the fuel pump, the pump could test perfectly good. So, the electrical system supplying the pump has to be inspected as well. Short of using a data logger (a good idea which will get you a quick answer) you basically have to methodically consider all the possible causes and I have only listed a few. Due to the number of possibilities that could account for your stalling I recommend you simply have a certified professional come out and perform a stalling diagnostic which will get the root issue identified for you.

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