Q: Gears get stuck and hearing some noise in the exhaust. Some running noise that doesnt sound normal when parking. 1996 Mazda Miata

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After I start my car, I have trouble tring to shift into 1st gear with the clutch pushed all the way in. It takes either great force to move it into 1st gear or i keep pushing the clutch until it goes it into 1st and then I can drive the car fine. In othed gears the car is fine. Once it starts driving, the car has no problems shifting. Its just when I start the car and try to shift into 1st its hard to shift. I got my clutch replaced because it had the same problem. Gears would get stuck. I replaced it september 2016. Around late December, the clutch felt very weak and easy to push. Before there was some resistance but it feels flimsy. The biting point was higher and closer to me but after it weakened, the biting point was closer to the floor. Also the noise im hearing when im stationary or parking, I hear this weird metal banging/ exhaust sound. Its like a sound thats similar to tapping on thick wine glass. Im not sure what that means. Please help.

My car has 119000 miles.

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