Second Opinion-DO NOT CLOSE)Runs rough says o2 rich 2006 ...

Second Opinion-DO NOT CLOSE)Runs rough says o2 rich 2006 ford f250 ...

Second Opinion-DO NOT CLOSE)Runs rough says o2 rich 2006 ford f250

Automotive Expert
Could have a vaccum leak

I have looked for oneHave no check [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) codeWhere can I start looking for a missed vacuum leak
Automotive Expert
Can you hear like air sucking when the engine is running

Automotive Expert
Well I have a smoke machine is the best and most efficient way to test or feel around the engine were you can hear the noise

Dealer looked it over about a month ago and had found a leak and fixed itI can’t hear anythingAny other ideasIs there someone local you can recommend
Automotive Expert
They are many things to check and I can go over it with you

Automotive Expert
Does any of the o2 sensor values changeI opted out on accident sorry

They sat rich but I changed them 3 days agoSecond time in 3 months
Automotive Expert
Mass air flow, map sensor, vacuum leak or leaking injectors can cause it of they all say rich either you have bad o2 sensors even though you replaced them doesn't mean they are good. But I'd you create a vaccum leak see if they change to lean. Also the ambient air temp can if it is reading that it is freezing temperatures and it's hot outside

Ok I will double check I think it was reading like 72 degrees. If I pull the Pcv live I will rev up a lot
Automotive Expert
but see if the 02 switches to lean

Ok I can try that
Automotive Expert
Ok let me know what you find out

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