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Norman, you answered my question on the low speed noise and vibration in the power steering on my Nissan Quest 2004 . The new power steering pressure switch seems to have resolved almost all of the problem although it was hard to find for this car, but the new pump and rack still seem to have a tiny amt of vibration, and the pump seems to labor a bit more than the old pump. the fluid is new and at level. The rack is a rebuilt. Should I get it replaced with a new one? Or does the cars computer need a learning curve to provide the right amt of boost?

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

This may be stating the obvious but, it never hurts to go over the basics such as wheel balance and suspension play. Make sure that your vehicle’s suspension parts do not have any excess movement as this can cause vibration in the steering wheel. Also, if your wheels are out of balance, this can cause vibration as well. If you believe that the vibration is related to recent power steering work that was done, a new part is typically better than a rebuilt part. Therefore, it may be beneficial to replace the rack and pinion with a new one.

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