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asked by on November 21, 2016

Thank you Tim. As stated, re-orienting my car after mechanic arrival, is a big problem, so, I had an idea: I could do the transmission fluid first, park facing the house (rear wheels lower), use the E-break. If not a drastic incline, lifting front only, there should be no concern, correct? If so, this would give the mechanic a chance to evaluate my driveway for a tire rotation without any loss of time or issues; for either of us. Additionally, I am concerned about putting anything other than Toyota fluid in; 2004 Camry LE 2.4L - it appears this is what I would need, correct?: ATF T-IV -- amazon dot com/Genuine-Toyota-00279-000T4-01-Automatic-Transmission/dp/B00P2QIR0C/ -- However, the website does not allow me to only provide fluid, so I would need to provide the filter kit also. (appears there is no "Genuine Toyota" brand): So, use brand on YM invoice -- WIX-58010 - amazon dot com/WIX-Filters-Automatic-Transmission-Filter/dp/B002NBOYZG/ Thank you!

Hi there:

Thanks for the reply and for reaching out. Let’s address each one individually. First, as long as the rear wheels are also chalked; this should be OK; but again, it’s always at the mechanics choice on whether or not that’s a safe option. Second, in regards to using transmission fluid; it’s always best to use an OEM recommended product; especially in regards to transmission fluid. Third, Wix makes a fantastic transmission filter kit; so that would be the one I’d choose if I were in your shoes. Hope this answers some feedback you’re looking for!

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