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Q: dealership is asking for these to do a 90,000 mile service: engine and in cabin filter 135.00, engine belt 197.95 replacement of

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90k mile maintenance, dealer is recommending: engine and in cabin filter 135.00, engine belt 197.95 replacement of all brakes rear and front 500, you need brake fluid flush 97.95 steering fluid flush 111.05 and diff fluid 129.95 they also recommend three tires for 269.50 each and 75.00 dollars to mount tires. Upon inspection they also found spark plugs cracked 596.06 with parts and labor. What is your professional opinion? Thanx

My car has 88750 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Without seeing the vehicle first hand, I can speculate on some of this.

90,000 mile service - the vehicle is 4 years old and at nearly 90K so that is spot on.

Air/cabin filters - generally replaced as needed.

Drive belt, brakes and brakes - these are normal wear items. There is not set mileage that they will last or have a recommended replacement interval. If the brakes are worn, they should be replaced. Tires are the only 4 [points in which your vehicle contacts the ground. They are probably the single most important item(s) on your vehicle. If the drive belt is worn/cracked, then it should be replaced as it drives the water pump, a/c compressor, alternator and power steering.

Brake fluid flush - Brake fluid is hydroscopic - it absorbs moisture over time. This can reduce the boiling point of the brake fluid and long-term, can lead to a damaged anti-lock brake pump which by itself, can cost $2000-$4000 to replace depending on the vehicle. Brake fluid should be flushed every 2 years minimum, especially in vehicles equipped with anti-lick brakes, traction control, etc.

Differential and power steering fluids - Considering the age and mileage, changing these fluids is not a bad idea for a long and healthy lifespan. Old/dirty fluid can lead to failed bearings and more which like a failed anti-lock brake pump, can cost thousands to repair/replace.

Spark plug replacement - Infiniti recommends replacement at 100,000 miles under normal conditions. Replacing them now at 90,000 is not a bad idea.

I cannot speak for pricing as dealership pricing is on a different scale and vaiies region to region and dealer to dealer. If you are interested in comparing prices, click here, select QUOTE, and a representative can provide you with price quotes for most of your needs.

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