Q: Crankshaft Position Sensor wiring harness not getting enough voltage possibly?

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The biggest problem is my car will crank but wont start. I tested the cps and the wiring harness got a voltage of 1.48. What should the voltage be and what causes this?

My car has 98000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. There are several different components which will cause a cranking-no start situation. The CPS is a good component to test, however without knowing what units your voltmeter was in its hard to compare your results. The CPS will operate within a given range that will vary by make and model. Typically the acceptable range is around 200 millivolts or .2 volts. Double check what your meter is set to, and make sure you are testing while someone is cranking over the engine. Then compare the reading to your manufacturer’s range specifications. When diagnosing something like this, you want to start by making sure you have spark and fuel first. After those tests have been completed and those systems confirmed to be working, then you can start to inspect other sensors and more complicated issues. For more help with diagnosing your no-start, contact the service department.

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sent to CS. answer also made live.

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