Q: chrysler 2012 200,horn does not honk when you lock it with the remote

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my horn does not honk when loching the car with the remote

My car has 44000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

First check the vehicle settings. If you have a Menu button on the steering wheel, follow these instructions: Press and release the MENU button until “Personal Settings” displays. Press and release the DOWN button to display the following programmable features:Sound Horn with Lock. When ON is selected, a short horn sound will occur when the transmitter LOCK button is pressed. This feature may be selected with or without the Flash Lamp with Lock feature. To make your selection, press and release the SELECT button until ON or OFF appears. If your vehicle does not have a steering wheel Menu button, try this: Press and hold the LOCK button on the remote for at least 4 seconds but not more than 10. While holding it, press the PANIC button, then release both buttons. To turn on or off the lights flash, same procedure but use the UNLOCK button. If these do not work, check the fuses. The diagram should be in your owner’s manual. If the fuses are good and the settings do not make any change, then you may have to take the vehicle to the dealer for further diagnosis.

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