Q: Check engine light on brand new car

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My car is brand new cr-v. My wife uses this car for short trip to/from school about a mile away. She uses remote start about 10-15min before driving to pre heat the car. This weeks temperature has dropped to 10 degrees or single digit.

Yesterday she felt some sound coming from engine and car was not driving normal it looks like car demanding more pressure on accelerator than normal. And today when she was driving back, she noticed some burning smell followed by car took a few jerks n check engine light came on. Car did not stop but my wife pulled over n stopped the engine. After engine restart engine light goes off. I never expected it with a car less than 200 miles on it.

Is it something missing in my brand new car or is it something she is handling improperly? Please advise.

My car has 200 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. A vehicle being that new should not have any kind of warning lights. If you think there is an operator error, look to your owners manual for more information about the vehicle. This is your best source for information about the way the vehicle is designed to perform. You likely have a warranty that will cover this. The burning smell is a definite sign that there is an issue. Even with an operator error, the engine should be fine. The parking brake however may be an issue. Make sure she is disengaging it. The engine only having 200 miles on it, is not broken in yet. The engine works best after around 1,000 miles. For an inspection into what the check engine light is trying to tell you, contact our service department.

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