Q: Check Engine Light Is Off but Trouble Codes Retrieved / What To Do When You Have Conflicting Diagnosis

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I got a pre purchase inspection (PPI) from one of YourMechanic guys the day before yesterday. The report noted the following trouble codes. U0131|Lost Communication With Power Steering Control Module C0051|Steering Wheel Position Sensor (Subfault) I took the car to FORD dealer yesterday for further diagnosis, but, they could not find or retrieve any trouble codes. With that said, my questions are 1. how can trouble code be retrieved when there is not Check Engine Light is on and 2. how can I get two conflicting diagnosis? 3. Would you buy the used car if you were in my situation? Everything else seems to be fine with the car. What else do I need to assess?

The two codes that the first mechanic retrieved during the inspection are both for the electric steering on the vehicle for loss of communication to the steering control module and the steering rotation sensor. It may be possible that the YourMechanic mechanic cleared the codes or the problem is intermittent and did not return again before the Ford dealer tested the systems. It is possible the steering is having an intermittent problem that will happen again for you in the future. Depending on the actual problem with the steering at the time the codes present may cause steering problems that can not be determined without verifying the failure. I have also seen situations where aftermarket scanners will get communication problems and the dealer manufacture scanner does not. This may be the cause of the codes YourMechanic noted. Without verifying the failure I would not know if the problem will return and cause problems in the future. A certified YourMechanic technician can be dispatched to your location to inspect your vehicle’s electrical issues and diagnose any necessary repairs.

To answer your question of whether or not to purchase this vehicle, it is impossible to say without a full safety inspection to confirm that this is, indeed, the only issue with the vehicle.

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