Q: Car wont come on after messing with visor lightbulb

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So i noticed my passanger visor light stop working out of nowhere. I noticed the light just fell out so i got to put it back in and pulled the fixture now to get it in while the car was on to test the bulb after it was in. I got the light in and it still wouldnt turn on , i tested my driver side visor light and it wont come on now also.... i tried my domes and the same problem, also noticed my tpms light came on also but my tire pressure is fine. I shut off the car and now it wont come on. No lights at all, only things that work are the power seat and i noticed the push to start button illuminates, besides that nothing else. Tried to get a jump and still got nothing.... and the car was perfectly fine before this and always came on with no problem. Im not sure what happened!?!? Could a bulb short circuit a whole car? Hope to get an answer, thank you.

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