Q: Car won't start

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Yesterday I had a mechanic come out to fix my ac mistake and he did a great job. This morning I went to start the car and it just clicked and would not fire. My dad jump started it and It ran fine. I did not turn the car off until I got home and then once I did I tried to start it again and it wouldn't start. The battery is fine and tested at 12.53 volts. When I do crank the car the dash and radio lights go out.

My car has 880000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Although the voltage looks good on the battery, the unknown is the cold cranking amps; which is what is important asset of the battery for start up. If the AC was serviced yesterday, the battery cables would have been removed. It is possible that they are loose, or perhaps damaged in some way. I have forwarded your inquiry to our customer service department to have them look up your file to see if the mobile mechanic noted anything possibly wrong with the battery cables or anything that would cause this problem.

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The problem sounds like the battery clamp is not connecting the cable to the battery good. Try to remove both clamps and clean inside clamps and post of battery and see if this fixes problem.

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