Q: car starts up fine it will drive rough running and few hundred feet and then completely down

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While driving on the highway at 50 mph hour for 30miles , The car suddenly ran rough and lost all power . I drifted to a stop . The car starts right up multiple times, and drive a few hundred feet but during that short time the vehicle is running very rough and had very little power. It would soon shut down again.. This was repeated multiple times. Finally got towed home..FYI the vehicle will start right back up every time , and the described scenario will happen over and over again. I owned car past 5 years and all of the maintenance is up to date icluding all filters, egr valve, MAF . Hi octane gas only always. oil changes at every 6K.. 100% synth oil and synth media oil filter..Timing belt assembly with water pump done at a pro shop at 100K .. NGK plugs changed this summer with a fuel inj. cleaning. Clutch, & manual trans fluid new within last10K ..NO ENG. LIGHT ARE ON..please advise

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello. Typically, a vehicle will start and then quit because of an issue with the fuel or electrical system. It is important to monitor fuel levels as well as warning lights which can signal to the driver that a vehicle may quit unexpectedly. Some of the components that could have broken that are causing this problem include the mass air flow sensor, fuel pump relay, or the ignition coil. However, due to the fact that several other issues might be causing this, it’s best to have a professional mobile mechanic come to your location and complete a car starts then dies inspection.

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