Q: Car ran out of fuel put more in but still not starting what could it be

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Car ran out of fuel put more in it now wont start what could it be

My car has 80000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. Several things may be happening. One would be that the fuel pump simply burned itself out trying to suck for gas. This is not uncommon in these situations. Secondly, you may have sucked up debris that accumulates in the tank over time, or have sucked in air into the lines. Debris will clog the pump, filter, or the lines, and potentially ruin the pump. A quick test for the fuel pump is turning the key to the "On" position and listen for the sound of it priming. It will sound like a faint buzzing coming from the tank. If you do not hear this, the fuel pump is not engaging at all (it is burned out). There may also be a completely separate issue going on at the same time. You will want to rule out air in the fuel lines by trying some starting fluid, and priming the pump a few times before cranking. If the pump, fuel lines, and fuel filter are not an issue, then you want to look for proper spark and double check the ignition system. For more diagnostic help, contact the service department to schedule an appointment.

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