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Q: car overheating

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I have replaced the thermostat, water pump, radiator and radiator hoses also the knock sensors with the intake and manifold gaskets it was still overheating so I looked up online and saw that problem was most likely the head gasket. So I purchased bars head gasket sealant that seals anything from head gasket to cracked blocks, heads and followed the instructions. Before using sealant I flushed out the coolant system using peak super flush. After using the sealant I drove the car for test drive and after about less than a mile of driving, the car is still overheating.

Hi there. There are two items not listed on your list of items changed or serviced that may be the source of your overheating problem. If there was an obstruction in the heater core, it can create an overheating problem and damage the head gasket or the cylinder head itself, which is perhaps why using the head gasket sealer did not resolve your problem. It is also possible that if you did not properly prime your coolant system after completing these repairs, that air bubbles are trapped in the coolant system creating the overheating problem. If the head gasket is damaged or internal engine components are damaged, trying to fix the overheating problem without having a professional mechanic complete an overheating inspection is going to be very difficult.

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