Q: Car has battery power but won't start

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My car won't start at all. My battery power works, but my engine won't turn over. It started with it trying to start, but now only my lights for the battery works. I turn my key for the engine to start and it's nothing but silence. I popped the hood and then tried to start my engine to see if anything was making a noise, and I can hear one single click. My battery is fine, already tested it.

The battery condition can only be determined using a professional "load tester". Battery stores will perform this test for free. A volt meter is not the appropriate tool. If you used a load tester and the battery passed, then the thing to do is check for battery voltage at the starter solenoid, when the key is held in the start position. If there is battery voltage, the starter motor/solenoid assembly is bad and will have to be replaced. If there is no battery voltage, the circuit has to be traced to find the open or faulty relay. Occasionally, starters fail due to a bad spot on the armature. Striking the starter with a rubber mallet has the effect of jarring the armature off the bad spot and, believe it not, sometimes the car will then start when you turn the key. Don’t get your hopes up too high, but that is one of the strange things about starter motors and is worth a shot. If you desire that the circumstance simply be resolved by a certified mechanic, the recommended service is a no start diagnostic. If the starter has failed, starter replacement would be made at the conclusion of that diagnostic.

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