Q: Broken Shackle pin and it's effect on drive

asked by on June 16, 2016

We have a LPG filling station and we normally receive 6 axle trucks for filling. The other day while filling such a truck we observed that it's shackle pin is broken. It was one damaged pin on one of the rear three axles, the middle axle. By the time we realized only 10% of the load was filled. Remember that it was a 40tonnes cargo capacity tanker. Filling was stopped. Now my question pertains to moving the truck for repairs. Is it safe to slowly drive it to the workshop. What precautions should then be taken. What effects are felt with this one compromised leaf spring. Will the other two leaf spring hold the load appropriately. Will the condition make the truck imbalance on road.

This is a question for a diesel trailer mechanic. Without seeing the vehicle, I would not attempt to tell you what is and isn’t safe. The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words definitely applies here.

Personally, I would not be driving anything with this much weight on a highway with a compromised leaf spring. As far as will the others hold the load, there is no way for me to tell without directly inspecting it. My recommendation is to have it repaired by a mobile trailer tech. Mobile tractor repair has been around for much longer than mobile light vehicle repair. It’s the nature of owning a heavy machine. They just can’t be transported to a repair facility easily.

Look for tractor repair. If you’re not aware, a tractor is a semi-truck. This is actually what he industry refers to them as. By extension, tractor repair work on trailers as well.

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