Q: Brake pedal soft after changing pads

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I have an 05 Saturn L300 that I changed my front pads on. After swapping out the pads, my brake pedal seems soft, my braking effectiveness has been reduced, and my pedal feels a little crunchy when coming to a quick stop. Do I need to bleed my brake lines even if I didn't open the lines up?

When you put your pad on, you have to push back the brake calipers. When you pushed back the calipers, did you open the bleeder when you did? If you did not, all the fluid were pushed back toward the brake master cylinder and you have to pump up your brakes. When this is done, you should of only used short strokes on the brake pedal and not cycle it to the floor, up and down, until the pedal gets hard.

You may have caused the master cylinder to get a torn internal piston cup or the old garbage got lodged into the master cylinder cup, damaging it. A certified mechanic will have to flush out the master cylinder and brake system and if that does not fix it then the master cylinder will have to be replaced.

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