Q: I am trying to figure out what type of differential a car usally has?

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I am writing a research paper and I am having a hard time figuring out what type of differential typically is equipped on a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, four wheel drive, and all wheel drive vehicles. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Think about the differentials in a different way. The non-driven wheels already spin independently of each other, and therefore needing a differential is not necessary on those wheels. On driven wheels, the drivetrain must be able to power both wheels and still allow them to turn independently, specially when the vehicle turns. You can make claims like, part-time 4WD vehicles are hard to turn on concrete and asphalt because they do not use a differential on those wheels. There are many other facts about differentials like this which pertain to certain set ups on the vehicle. But it is more of a question of what kind of performance you want out of the differential, rather than what type is associated with which vehicle. Different vehicle makes and models are designed to perform in different ways, and they will have differentials based on that desired performance.

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