Q: brake light won't turn off and it won't shift out of first gear

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A few days ago i found out my brakes weren't working the brake pad would just sink to the ground and yesterday i had the brake pads changed because the brake light was on and it still didn't turn off I also bled out the brakes and added new brake fluid. Right after that i took out for a test drive and the brakes were working fine but i soon realized that the truck won't shift out of first gear. I tried stepping on the gas more but all it does is rev i checked the the transmission fluid and it was running low so i added a quart and it still wouldn't shift out of first gear.

My car has 141000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Jose. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Generally speaking, changing brake pads, bleeding the lines or other brake service has nothing to do with the operation the transmission. So i don’t think the recent service had an impact on the issue you’re having now - just odd timing. The shifting issue you’re describing can be caused by a damaged shift solenoid, or obstruction of fluid in the transmission case. Sometimes flushing the fluid will resolve this problem - while in other instances a full transmission inspection will be required - as it’s also possible that a damaged inner seal is causing the issue.

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