No water pump function brand new water pump and thermosta...

No water pump function brand new water pump and thermostat Mechanic's Assistant: Has the vehicle ever overheated? And when was it last serviced? Yes Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? ...

No water pump function brand new water pump and thermostat Mechanic's Assistant: Has the vehicle ever overheated? And when was it last serviced? Yes Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 07 Bmw 525I Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far? Yrs he’s changed the water pump and the thermostat Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Changing the ECM

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Hello and welcome. Do you have any current fault codes in the DME?

I don't have a tester .Changed water pump and thermostat and pump won't come on checked fuses they are all fine
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That would be the first step in checking the water pump function. There may be something else preventing the water pump from coming on. How are you testing to see if the water pump comes on?

Trying to bleed it by turning ignition on and stepping on fuel pedal for 10 seconds nothing coming on
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That will work but you need to hook a battery charger up. Turn the heater all the way to the highest temp. Both driver and passenger. set the blower speed to the lowest setting then hold the gas pedal for 15 seconds or until you hear the pump come on

Why the battery charger battery wasn't dead
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Because the bleeding procedure will not start unless the battery voltage is above 12.65 volts. Which is unlikely once you turn the key on

Battery is fully charged .
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17 00 039Venting cooling system and checking for leaks (N52) **Warning!** Danger of scalding! Open sealing cap only after [engine](/topics-engine/) has cooled down. **Important!** Electric coolant pump! **Only when refilling!** **Important!** Do not fill coolant expansion tank over MAX level as overfilling will cause the coolant to overflow. This may give rise to traces of residual coolant on the expansion tank or in the engine compartment and wrongly suggest possible leakages. **Only when refilling!** Use [only recommended coolant]( Perform filling operation slowly. Adjust coolant level to MAX. Close coolant expansion tank._Installation:_ Close cap (1) until the arrow marks line up. **Important!** The following venting procedure is necessary e.g. when a part is replaced in the cooling system or when the cooling system is refilled. **Only when venting!** _Note:_ Fill coolant expansion tank up to lower edge of filler neck with recommended [coolant]( Close cap on expansion tank. Do not open the coolant expansion tank cap during the venting procedure. 1. <u><strong>Connect battery charger.</strong></u> 2. Switch on ignition. 3. Set heater to maximum temperature, activate ”Automatic” button, then reduce fan to lowest setting. 4. Press accelerator pedal for 10 seconds to floor. **Engine** must **not** be started. 5. The venting procedure is started when the accelerator pedal is pressed and takes approx. 12 minutes. 6. Then top up fill level in coolant expansion tank with 100 ml above max (see illustration). 7. Check [cooling system for leaks]( 8. If the venting procedure has to be carried out several times, allow DME to drop completely (ignition key removed for approx. 3 minutes), then repeat from Point 3. **Only when venting!** Perform filling operation slowly. Fill coolant expansion tank with 100 ml above max. 100 ml corresponds to A=7 mm.

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All engine sensor failure, transmission problems after a car wash.

Hi there. The only thing that could cause the severe issues that you are having with your vehicle is a leak in the exhaust system and having cold water enter the catalytic converter causing the chamber to collapse. Check the...

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You will need to have a mechanic diagnose both the codes to see if you have a problem with both sensors or have a problem with the timing of the engine being out of position. The codes suggest that both...

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It sounds like the radio unit in your vehicle may have partially failed to where the controls no longer work. I would recommend having your radio inspected by a qualified professional. This inspection may involve the removal of the radio...

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