Q: abs light comes on after brakes were fixed

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i was told that the only way to fix the abs light coming on was to replace censor &hub on both sides.also parts need to be gm or the problem will return within a year. I was told the censor was damaged when the brakes were fixed. Is this true?

My car has 148000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

While it may be possible abs sensors were damaged while the brakes were replaced, without being able to see them to inspect for physical damage, it would be impossible to say yes, they were damaged during other repairs. ABS sensors are electronic components that can fail at any time. Typically abs sensors can be replaced on their own, not requiring wheel bearing assembly replacement. The ring gear may be attached to the wheel bearing assembly, but these typically do not go bad, but they can be physically damaged and cause incorrect readings for the abs system. Typically the electronic portion of the speed sensor, which is essentially a magnet, short out internally. This is most likely what needs to be replaced.

A certified technician can scan the system to properly diagnose why the abs light is on and isolate the exact cause.

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