2001 toyota alavon security light does not come on and th...

Q: 2001 toyota alavon security light does not come on and the car does not start.

asked by on August 08, 2017

My 2001 Toyota Avalon, came from a auction with a key, will not start, security light will not light up, and car will not start.

If you are not seeing your security light come on when the car is being started, this could indicate an issue with the theft module/computer in the vehicle. Theft systems are intended to set off the alarm in the event of a break in but also prevent the vehicle from starting if suspicion of theft exists. With a failed theft module, this could prevent power from ever being sent to the starter because the vehicle thinks the car is being stolen. I would recommend contacting your local dealership about this issue as they would be the best equipped to diagnose such an issue.

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