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33 years


Oxygen Sensor


by Michelle from Riverview, FL 33569

Very professional and friendly. Very clean work.

(674 Reviews)
41 years


by Lakeeya. from Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

He was early, arrived at the dealer before I did. He Immediately got to the pre purchase inspection. Joe was very kind and down to earth. Would definitely book him again

by Michael from St. Petersburg, FL 33707

Joe was excellent. Good job. I do my own work but I was getting into areas where I would get stuck or required two people! I was skeptacal at first of the business model (your Mechanic) but it's the people that make this work. You have the best man working for you hands down. I like working on my car myself but that some jobs area little too big or I'm getting lazier ! I will use your service again ........... Only because of Mr Hough, excellant attitude and calm approach towards the job . Reference to the question below. I have and will reccommend your company to others I know based on my experience with Joe. In other words it's "Joe" I recommend ! This could have been a different outcome for the worst if it was someone else! I would reccommend you do what you can to retain Mr Hough! I choose your company on a risk. I needed help cause I do my own work . I wish I knew about you guys before ! This is exactly what I needed ! I will recommend you guys to everyone. However let me be clear it's the mechanic I'm recommending! So when answering the questions below its based on the above experience!


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10 years


Idler Pulley


by Sharleen from Clearwater, FL 33760

This was my first service with YourMechanic and having Torrieanto as my mechanic today made a great first impression. Torrieanto was polite, professional and very easy to deal with. He made me feel comfortable discussing my concerns with my car's performance and my "self-diagnosis" of the issue. Most mechanics I have dealt with prefer to wave me off and let me know that they are the pro. Following his overview of my vehicle's performance he gave me a summary of his findings, made sure I understood, agreed with and was comfortable with the work he recommended and was going to perform. He even told me he was going to do his best to keep my cost below my expectations. (WOW!) Again, most mechanics take advantage of our lack of knowledge often changing unneccesary parts therefore earning more in labor and leaving us with a larger bill than necessary. His attitude was truly refreshing! Upon completion, Torrieanto showed me exactly what part was removed, pointed out my newly installed idler pulley and politely answered the few questions I expressed regarding my concerns about the "what-ifs" of my possibly delaying this sort of repair. He was beyond polite! He kept a clean workspace and treated me and my vehicle with respect. I will definitely request Torrieanto specifically when I need my vehicle services in the future. Thank you YourMechanic and thank you Torrieanto!


Fuel Pump


by James from Ruskin, FL 33570

He put new fuel pump in and gas guage didnt work. She came back took tank off again we checked pumps wiring with volt ohm meter wire from guage to plug was good and We out of tank still did not work. He had spent lot of time and put back without guage working. He was supposed to put new in line fuel filter on, but his 3/8 brass removal tool would not fit. I made some suggestions, but he left without doing it. Saying maybe My Mechanic would give a partial refund. Now don't know if float sending unit is bad on new pump or plug contacts or a wire broke inside the old insulation going to guage during the removal and reinstallation. I told him on You Tube the guy had to force a plastic compression clip removal tool on the filter. He put one side first than forced the second half of tool on. It was not a brass one. Also, suggested he could hammer a dent in the housing of the filter to get the second half on. He just made excuses. Now have to carry can gas in the car in case misjudge and run out somewhere. I plan to put filter on myself now. Drive 1000 miles to my number 3 sons house in North Carolina and have him do the fuel pump trouble shooting and perhaps replace the pump all over. After the fact realizes we could certfied guage by plugging the old pump up again, outside the tank. Torriento came back kind felt sorry for him, but while pump works all the way down to empty, before SUV stalked out at 1/2 tMank.. the guage did work. The first time he made me fill the tank up while he was here...30 gallons. He thought might work then. Nope. Then drove to Jacksonvlle 470 miles RT, with my 5 gallons of gas in back floor to Mayo for my cancer consult. The wife and I ran out on I 4. Put the 5 in and added 4 more and refilled can near there. He wanted tank near empty for second try today...took all off again but failed to get guage working. I supplied my own parts, kept teling him, had another new on on hand if he wanted to try that one this second time around...he did not answer me, mention it about 3 times too. Next week will drive from Ruskin to Shiloh NC and have my number 3 son, Anthony, USCG Machinery Tech and long time drag racer do it all over again. He wanted to do it for me all along. But for $380 could get done here a d not put him out, and have to stop for gas every half tank for over a 1000 miles. If it turns out I have defective new pump on guage, it's on me, but if not on Torrento, pending my son finding something else with guage. As for the filter, think a partial refund is in order. Also no inspection report was 150 point...just saw that when I reluctantly signed off on the repair. Also, first day he cancelled, after saying he was on the way. Due to weather forecast...it never rained here. In Ruskin all day. It did North of Tampa where he lives.


(248 Reviews)
25 years


by ray from Tampa, FL 33637

very knowledgeable and a nice guy, honest when it comes to what needs to be done on vehicle, because of Chris, I will use and also recommend this service again


by Gary from Sun City Center, FL 33573

Right on time diagnosed the "Check Engine Light " and immediately knew what my Corvette needed. Explained everything looked up parts and prices and asked if I wanted to do all at once or do some later. I chose to buy all questionable sensors at one time. Chris made an appointment to come back and install everything. No work is cheap on a vehicle but I know this price is much better than a dealer. Nice that they come to you and no dropping the car off and then going back to get it. So far I'm happy with the service.

(259 Reviews)
34 years
by Greg from Riverview, FL 33578

Ira and this service were absolutely fantastic! We first received a quote from a chain repair shop and were shocked with the estimate. My neighbor then suggested YourMechanic and we were so surprised at the price, the punctuality, the service and professionalism of the staff we dealt with! We would very much use this service and suggest Ira again as the mechanic! Thank you so much for saving us time and money.

by ZACHERY from Riverview, FL 33569

He is very good at his work and helpful he is very Good I'll recommend to anybody

(20 Reviews)
10 years


Brake Pads


by Trudy from Riverview, FL 33569

Neal was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He did a wonderful job on my brakes and kept me apprised of what was wrong and what needed to be fixed. Neal had difficulty obtaining a part for my car and could have easily just gone home and come back another day, but he stayed late on a Friday night to finish the job. I would definitely recommend Neal to anyone looking for an awesome mechanic. Trudy from Riverview

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