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Whitney at YourMechanic


(783 Reviews)
39 years
by Jared from Mountain View, CA 94041

Whitney is incredibly knowledgable and professional on the job. He pointed out precisely where the problems were and showed me, so I felt like I was learning about my own car by working with him. He's personable and professional--I feel like I can trust Whitney, unlike most car mechanics I've worked with in the past. I wish we had more mechanics like this around!

by Jared from Mountain View, CA 94041

Explained what I needed, worked quickly, and addressed concerns I had all along but no previous mechanics ever talked about.

Shaun at YourMechanic


(238 Reviews)
16 years
by Jonathan from Mountain View, CA 94041

I would highly recommend Shaun. I found him very easy to work with and friendly. The first time he came over a few days ago, I had requested the wrong service, so he didn't have the part needed. He kindly let me know, and he easily turned the job into an inspection service and sent me a new quote with the actual service needed. The amount paid for the inspection service was applied as credit for the full job. He came back today, and he was great. I'm so glad I found Shaun and YourMechanic!

Amor at YourMechanic


(181 Reviews)
43 years
by Jared from Mountain View, CA 94041

Very friendly and professional, although my "check oil" light strangely came on after I had an oil change. Will have to inquire about this, not sure if it's related to this or not.

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Answers to common Mitsubishi questions

Vehicle overheating.
Answered by Jay
Hi there. This is a common problem. It is likely that a cooling system thermostat got stuck closed causing low flow through the cooling system and requires that it get replaced. It is also possible that there is a radiator...
Noise and burning smell from brakes
Answered by Michael
Hello. Brakes are one of the more important systems on the car, so they should be repaired sooner than later. Being that there are a few variables here I would say there are two options: 1) Take the vehicle back...
Burning smell from car
Answered by Reggie
Was the garage closed or open? Have you noticed this smell at any other time? There may not be a problem at all. Remember that catalyst converters get hot and cars run a lot hotter than they use to. Perhaps...
Car won't pass smog check
Answered by Ferdinand
Hi there. Your smog check is measured as to how efficiently your vehicle is burning fuel and air. Smog is reliant on many different components. Your EGR valve, vacuum, and also your catalytic converter are factored in. I would strongly...

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