The Future of Car Ownership

Cars were developed to make transportation convenient and faster. Drivers and passengers could reach new, far-away destinations quicker, and the transfer of goods across countries became an easier task. Owning a car became a right of passage into adulthood along with learning to drive.

The entire car-riding experience has grown with the development of Bluetooth connectivity and GPS mapping. Electric vehicles aim to eliminate the need for oil, and many manufacturers are developing the necessary technology for self-driving cars. With all these advances, millennial consumers are looking at the time spent in the car more critically and seeking nontraditional forms of transportation.

Ever-improving automobile technology is transforming the world of car ownership. It's trending toward a focus that’s less on the individual and more on the group as a whole. While there may be fewer cars on the road in the future, vehicle maintenance and ride experience remain highly important. So what does the future of car ownership look like?

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