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10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Monterey, California

10 Best Stores To Buy Auto Parts

While the weather might be glorious around Monterey, that doesn’t mean the sea air won’t eventually cause premature wear on your car. To keep everything in good shape, you’ll need to regularly replace some parts. That requires knowing where to get the replacements. There are plenty of auto part stores in the area, but they’re not really all the same. We’ve created a list of the 10 best stores to buy auto parts in Monterey, California, so you can get what you need.

1. Kyle Racing

581 Redwood Ave
Sand City, CA 93955
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(831) 394-1330

Rating: 5 Stars on Yelp

Kyle Racing focuses on performance parts for motorcycles, from suspension components to engine parts. Customers rate the prices as being good, and that the shop either has needed parts on hand, or can order them with fast shipping.

2. AutoZone

1433 Fremont Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955
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(831) 899-1866

Rating: 4.5 Stars on Yelp

Customers appreciate that this store’s prices are much lower than what dealerships charge, as well as the ability of the staff to look up the right parts. However, some customers have had the wrong parts ordered when ordering over the phone.

3. NAPA Auto Parts

2320 Del Monte Ave
Monterey, CA 93940
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(831) 372-4553

Rating: 4.5 Stars on Yelp

One thing that customers really like is that the store stocks different price options on batteries for individual vehicles, allowing them to save money. They also appreciate that the staff will look up parts and help ensure the correct option is purchased.

4. Andy’s Auto Sport

798 Lighthouse Ave
Monterey, CA 93940
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(800) 419-1152

Rating: 4.5 Stars on Yelp

Customers appreciate the access to a very wide range of parts, from suspension springs to body kits, as well as prices lower than most national chain stores. The staff get very high marks for their expertise and knowledge, as well.

5. Skip’s Auto Parts and Machine

1490 Del Monte Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955
View in Google Maps
(831) 899-2331

Rating: 4.5 Stars on Yelp

One customer called this the best auto part store in Central California, thanks to the low prices and the wide part availability. They are also one of the few part stores in the area that carry parts for older European imports.

6. Brake Supply Plus

510 Broadway Ave
Seaside, CA 93955
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(831) 394-0331

Rating: 4 Stars on Yelp

Customers state that this is the place to go for just about any brake system related part. They also state that the staff are very knowledgeable and most parts are in stock at all times.

7. O’Reilly Auto Parts

1720 Fremont Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955
View in Google Maps
(831) 394-1472

Rating: 4 Stars on Yelp

This store gets high marks for the wide range of parts in stock, as well as their regular specials on oil and oil filters. The staff are also happy to help look up parts and will even check the back stock if the part is not on the sales floor.

8. Kragen Auto Parts

1720 Fremont Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955
View in Google Maps
(831) 394-1472

Rating: 3.5 Stars on Yelp

Note that this is actually an O’Reilly Auto Parts store. Customers appreciate the reward program, as well as the low pricing and high availability of parts.

9. Carquest Auto Parts

615 Broadway Ave
Seaside, CA 93955
View in Google Maps
(831) 394-1466

Rating: 1 Star on Yelp

Carquest provides auto parts for a wide range of current and older makes and models. Prices are in line with other national part stores. However, one customer noted that he had trouble finding the right part here, and that the store was understaffed.

10. New United Auto Parts and Truck

591 E Franklin Street
Monterey, CA 93940
View in Google Maps
(831) 373-8700

Rating: 3 Reviews, No Stars in Google Reviews

New United Auto and Truck provides parts and accessories for a range of makes and models. While the company has no stars, customers have indicated good service and positive experiences here.

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