Q: Why does my car throw throttle body and traction control codes, when decelerating?

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Throttle body has been replaced codes cleared. battery disconnected. the car runs great until it warms up and you slow down to around 40 mph. At that point it throws check engine, throttle body, and traction control warning lights, and immediately goes into safe mode. everything was cleaned before new part was installed. I have checked to make sure there were no air leaks. I was told the car has a learning process and should be driven through several drive cycles to learn perfect positioning for the new throttle body. But it has been at least four days of cycling it. Is it possible to get a defective part from the manufacturer? And is there anything else I should try before replacing the new part?. The make of the new part is Dorman.

My car has 45000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. In the case where an aftermarket throttle body is used as a replacement of an OEM component, these type of problems are common. The typical solution is reprogramming the ECU, but that’s something done at a dealership. I would suggest removing this aftermarket component and installing an OEM throttle body for the Dodge Avenger.

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