Q: Which is better for the BMW E53 X5: coil springs or air suspension? BMW X5

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I OWN A BMW X5 E53 2004 MODEL. Occassionally the rear shock air suspension ballons do get busted.

I am thus contemplating using a spring as replacement. But my worry is whether the spring will give the car the same dynamic stability like the air suspension ballons

Hi there - the BMW air suspension system was developed to maximize the "sport utility" nature of the vehicle (kids and soccer equipment during the week, home DIY, camping, etc on the weekend, as well as the handling everyone expects from BMW.Switching to a traditional spring and strut/shock suspension doesn’t mean the loss of vehicle dynamics performance. It does mean you will have a narrower range of performance based on the solution you choose. Conversion packages are available with "target environment behavior" engineering packages such as: freeway cruising, spirited street cornering, or "sport", corner-carver capabilities. All of these will perform best in their target environments, and be less optimized, but quite usable, in the others. Check the forums for others’ experiences with the various packages available, then make an informed choice based on your needs. Good luck!

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