Q: Where is my coolant leaking from? 2007 Dodge Caravan

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Preheated my car one morning last week and came back out to find coolant running down my driveway. Tried again next day and saw no fluid, so I drove it some more. On a cooler night, I was driving down the interstate and it started running hot, but when I got off the closest exit, I got to the stoplight and it cooled down. I had my heater on, but it took a LONG time for it to blow warm, never hot. Sometimes, it blew cool, so I cut it off. I turned it on fully when it started to overheat, and that didn't help, just stopping did. I'm not sure if it leaked anymore fluid that night. I checked it out yesterday, to see if I could find where the leak was. I added water to the reservoir looked for any wet spots. No hoses were leaking but the tabs that hold the brush guard under the bumper were dripping, more so from the driver side. This morning I drove it and heard bubbling noises when I parked. Saw fluid had sprayed thru the driver side fan behind radiator and onto parts below. Fan was wet.

My car has 125000 miles.

Hello - you may have a coolant leak from a worn out water pump. If so, this could result in an immediate failure, as modern water pumps have a remarkable ability to work right up until complete failure. The "gurgling" sound you hear is the engine boiling water inside the engine because there is now a large air bubble inside the engine. Simply adding coolant without bleeding the system will cause overheating damage quickly. I would recommend a cooling system inspection ASAP by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

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