Q: Tries to run but won't get over 400 rpm before dying.

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I try to start it but it acts like it wants to start but nvr does. If i hold the pedal to the floor i can get it up to a roguh 400 rpm for a few seconds butthen it will just die. Ive replaced the oxygen sensor, air control sencor, distribitor, checked the cranfshaft sensor, replaced the full pumps. Checked full pressure, checked the full injectors, cut off the Cadillac converter. Replaced the ecm. But stil nothing. Im totally stumped

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. Check for the three essentials that the engine needs to run, fuel, spark, and air. If you are having fuel and the pressure is 30 psi or higher, then check for spark on the spark plugs and wires. If there is no spark on the plugs, but the wires are sparking, then the spark plugs need replaced. If the spark is there and is strong, then check for air to the engine. Check the air filter to the engine and see if it’s plugged up. Remove the filter and try to start the engine. If the engine starts up, then the filter was dirty and needs replaced. If all three systems are good, then it is possible that the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) has failed and is shutting off the engine functions as the engine is trying to start. If you need further assistance with your engine not starting, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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