Q: Toyota Camry 2001 Overheats after a while in freeway

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My toyota camry 2001 manual transmission 4 cylinder car is overheating. I replaced the radiator, thermostat, flushed the entire system and added brand new 50/50 coolant. Both radiator fans are working properly. I am using the radiator cap that it came with. The car will warm up as usual and will stay in the middle of the temperature gauge for quite a while. Usually after 15-20 minutes of driving 80mph in the freeway, it will start overheating. The gauge will start going up constantly until it blows up probably. I have STOPPED the overheating by turning on the heater to max strength. So I have been driving for the past 2 weeks with my heater on at max on 90 degree weather... please help! P.S. Before the overheating, the coolant reservoir kept bubbling like crazy after using the car every time. I heard the head gasket may be cracked or whatever so I put "Head Gasket Fix" liquid in the radiator to seal the cracks in the head gasket. After this is when it started o

My car has 166000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. There is a strong chance that the issue with the coolant bubbling over was caused by a pressure issue in the cooling system. When you put the head gasket leak repair into the coolant, you may have caused a blockage somewhere in a cooling passage in the engine block, or other mechanical failures that can come from using these products. There may also be an issue with the water pump, as it is responsible for pumping the coolant through the system and will cause overheating if not circulating it fast enough. Considering this is one of the components you have not checked or replaced since you added the "leak fixing" liquid, you may want to start there. Afterwards, you may want to change the radiator cap from the original if the new radiator did not come with one. This may be part of the reason the coolant was bubbling over in the first place. If this original issue is still occurring, it is adding to your overheating issue. For more help, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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