Q: Timing belt stripped teeth,I changed the belt, pullyes and water pump now it doesn't fire

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My timing skipped in my 09 impreza. I drove until the car shut down after about 4 miles . I tried turning the engine over and heard the whirring noise of the starter turning the flywheel. I then had my car towed to my house where I changed timing belt, pulleys and water pump from gates.keep in mind the old belt had stripped teeth but hadn't broke. I put everything back together and turned the key and the only thing that happened was the whirring sound of the starter turning the fly wheel but not firing. When the engine turns over al the cam and crank pulleys turn freely. And I do have spark. And I changed the crank sensor. I believe it's getting some compression as it will make 2 little sputters out tail pipe as a sign of some combustion

My car has 173000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Since the timing belt stripped off the teeth of the belt then the camshaft and crankshaft got out of time and this is an interference engine. This means that you most likely bent the valves when the timing belt teeth broke. You will need to remove the cylinder to repair the head and bent valves and then install a new timing belt.

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