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Q: The interior of the celica wont turn on.

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My 2001 celica interior won't turn on. The windows, dash board gauges, radio, and clock won't turn on. The toyota itself keeps draining it's own battery. I believe, It's because of the alternator I think but I don't know. But my main concern is the interior stuff not working. The headlights work but as I stated earlier the interior stuff won't work. I tried to change the fuses, but they looked alright. Besides a few burned out 15a fuses which I replaced with new ones this morning. But everything still won't turn on. The car itself starts when I jump it, but if I don't start it for a while the battery will die. When the battery is charged it will turn on but none of the gauges won't turn on. So I can't see how much gas I have and how fast I am going. I haven't tried driving it like that for fear that it migh make it worse. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

My car has 176567 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. It is possible that you have a faulty electrical relay that powers accessories on your Toyota. However, it could also be an exposed wire that is creating a short, which is possibly what’s causing those fuses to break frequently. This could be a tricky item to diagnose, so I would recommend having a professional mobile mechanic come to your location and complete an electrical problems inspection to determine what is causing this issue, but also recommend the right repairs.

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