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Q: Still vibrating after new tires, re-alignment, and balancing when I go over 70 mph

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Car vibrated when I'd go over 70mph and I'd hear a "whomp whomp" sound from back and it'd pull to one side. First had a rebalance and re-alignment. Vibrated less but still heard noise. Took it back, they said back tires were feathered so they replaced them with new tires but put them on the front and old front tires on the back (were still good). Sound is gone but still vibrates on highway. Took it back, re-checked tires, said they all looked good but weight had fallen off the front tires. So they rebalanced them AGAIN. Car still vibrated but now I feel vibrations in my seat and a bit in the steering wheel and then noticed I hear a "knocking" noise when I turn right 馃槨(Wasn't there before). New mechanic at Kia said it was a weight making the noise. They fixed it but car STILL vibrates. WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM. PLEASE HELP!

My car has 23000 miles.

Hello. If this is still occurring then you have an issue with something that is not spinning true or is out of round on the vehicle. If the vehicle is this new then it is usually caused by a wheel hub that is defective or a CV axle that is bad. From what you are explaining, it sounds like there is an issue with one of the axles. It may have lost a weight of its own or it may have too much play in the axle joint. I would usually get the vehicle in the air to inspect these areas for issues. I would also loosen the engine mounts to allow the engine and transmission to align themselves as there may be some binding there also. Since the vehicle is still under warranty you need to take it back to the dealer to have these issues checked.

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