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Hi. I took my vehicle in to have track rod ends done and lights adjusted. Since I have gotten it back- there is a loud scraping noise at the front of the vehicle when I turn also the battery is giving me problems now and one of the headlights is out. I have returned it to the garage that did the work and they say their work is not connected to the issues I have now. Is this true?

Without visually inspecting the vehicle, it would be difficult to give you an accurate yes or no answer. The scraping noise can be anything from worn brakes - which would have nothing to do with replacing track rod ends, to possibly having slightly bent brake dust shields while replacing the track rod ends, causing one or both to rub against the brake discs. Adjusting the lights entails nothing more than turning screws on the back of the lights to properly aim them. No removal of any parts or electrical connections is involved. It may simply be a bad headlight bulb and a weak battery. If you are not comfortable with the response this repair shop is giving you, try another shop for a second opinion.

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