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Hi I have a 96 acura integra. I bought it used 3 weeks ago. Hv had no problems til I drove 4 hours to visit family. Halfway here I had stopped at a red light and noticed the temp gauge rising up to the halfway point and I panicked. I managed to immediately get it pulled over. I tried to start it a few times while sitting and temp gauge was still trying to go past halfway mark. I ended up sitting for an hour wtg on hwy patrol assistance which never showed. I started the car and the temp gauge went bk to normal and I made the rest of the drive fine. I took it to a mechanic who SD the car was out of oil and water. I just had oil put in b4 the trip. He wrks on transmissions and SD he thought the head was cracked. Any ideas here???? Just wondering if it really cd b a blown head gasket....should I scrap the car? If thts true what kind of money are we looking at??

First things first, top off the oil and the coolant. The oil level should be within the cross-hatched area on the oil dipstick with the engine off. The coolant should be filled in the neck of the radiator with the engine off and cold. Afterwards, the plastic reservoir for the coolant (attached) to the hose from the radiator neck should be filled to the "COLD FILL" mark stamped on the side of the bottle.

There are many reasons for your car to overheat or have the gauge read hot. Being low on coolant, fans not working, thermostat sticking, coolant leaks, water pump, or head gasket just to name a few.

As a technician I would start by topping off the fluids. Next I would perform a visual inspection for leaks. Then I would do a coolant pressure test on the cooling system to see if it holds pressure or leaks. From there further diagnostics on the other mentioned components can be performed.

It never hurts to get a second opinion on whether you have a cracked head or not, a certified mechanic would be able to diagnose your cars overheating issue accurately. Scrap price from an auto salvage yard should be about $300 or higher depending on the condition of other items in the car. Best of luck.

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