It also stated the car had no keys and TMU miles

It also stated the car had no keys and TMU miles ...

It also stated the car had no keys and TMU miles

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Hello, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* to just answer! I will be assisting you with all of your vehicle questions today. Let's get started!..

Hi john, I will be happy to work with you. I’m new to this site. So, how do we start from here?
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Last reported miles was 91,000 they selling dealer should order a key and have it programmed I would hire a inspector from to look at it

Hi, I’m chatting with you from London, United Kingdom. My telephone number is +447801479134
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Sorry I do not do out of country calls

Here’s the dealership car location 504 E Alondra Blvd Gardena ca 90248+1(###) ###-####
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ok? I would call andy at and contract his inspector to look at it and evaluate it

I will call you if I chave your numberI will call you if I do have your numberThat’s not a problem, thanksMay I have your phone number please?No keys on the advertLooking forward to hearing from Andy. He can email me
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phone chats are a extra fee

Please, let me know how we goes from hereI was calling youYou did not answer your phone. Please, it’s 00:00 here and I want to get this sorted out ASAP. ThanksI will repeat my call in 5 minutes.I rang you twice from +447425777844. Communications between was going very well but you disconnected immediately I made a payment.I’m going to bed.....
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sorry had another call ahead of you feel free to call mi in the morning

I don’t know what the time will be in the morning thereAre you in California ?
Automotive Expert
I am in New York..eastern Time

Hi, please let me know when it’s convenient for you to answer my call, thanks504 E Alondra Blvd Gardena ca 90248. Contact to seller:(###) ###-####
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To determine what the problem is you will need to use a scan tool to read the trouble codes (if any are stored) and also to view the data in the antitheft module to see what inputs / outputs are being recognized by the module. This will determine whether you have a problem with the key, receiver, module, or any other part of the system. Since there are not any common problems for this issue, I can not recommend any specific repair for this fault. If the module has any trouble codes stored let me know what they are and I will be able to pinpoint a specific problem for this issue.

Would you be able to contact the seller and analyse the details with him? I live in the United Kingdom as I finds it very difficult to deal with the whole situation. This was main reason I wanted an expert for help
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What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you need new keys?

No no I don’t need new keys. I want to know the details about the engine. My huge concern is the engine and nothing else. Check if engine is needed to be changed nor repairable. The level of damage. Engine block has nothing broken. Thanks
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you're looking for someone to inspect the engine. Is that correct?

Absolutely correct
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Ok that will require hands on inspection which i can not do on the phone or here in the chat. I'll have to find a shop close by. Where is the vehicle located?

Opening hour: 
504 E Alondra Blvd Gardena ca 90248Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm pst
Sat 8am -2pm pst
Sun 9am - 3pm pstTele:(###) ###-####Address: 504 E Alondra Blvd Gardena ca 90248Opening hour: Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm pst
Sat 8am -2pm pst
Sun 9am - 3pm pstTele:(###) ###-####
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OK let me see what I can find...

Thanks a bunch
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Here's a place that can check it out for you: ABM European Auto Service And Repair Center Ph.:(###) ###-####br/\>17129 Hawthorne Blvd. Unit D Lawndale CA 90260

Do you have their email address or website? Thanks
Automotive Expert Is their website. I can't find an email for them.

The car is at auction house which might requires mobile inspectors. Company might require the vehicle be transported to their garage. Don’t you think so?
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Probably. I'll see if I can find a mobile mechanic. Here's one with some good reviews: Norbert Auto Mobile Repair LLC | Mobile Mechanic Service, Auto Welding, Muffler Repair, Auto Bodywork in Gardena, CA Phone:(###) ###-####br/\>Appointments:

It looks like a good one.....well, will give it a try. Thanks for your prompt response
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You're very welcome.

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