Nissan xterra. Vdc and slip light on. Car doesn't start r...

Nissan xterra. Vdc and slip light on. Car doesn't start right away. Have to turn the key a few times and hold it a couple seconds. Feels different when driving. I suspect it has something to do with the steering system. It feels "...

Nissan xterra. Vdc and slip light on. Car doesn't start right away. Have to turn the key a few times and hold it a couple seconds. Feels different when driving. I suspect it has something to do with the steering system. It feels "loose" when I turn the [steering wheel](/topics-steering-wheel-nissan/). It's. 2006 Mechanic's Assistant: Do you have power steering? Have you checked the power steering fluid? A friend of mine checked them last week. It did it once and only once last week. He said the fluids were okay buy Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Xterra yourself? What have you tried so far? But i haven't checked them since Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Im researching before I do any work

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Hi welcome to just Answer I am Roy hope I can help, sorry to hear about your lights . Have you checked your [brake](/topics-brake-nissan/) fluid level yet? Let me know Thanks Roy

I had a friend check them last week. It did this once last week. He said they looked okay but I havent checked sinceThe car has trouble starting but it does turn over
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You also need to use a code reader and check your codes you could have a bad sensor like a cam or [crank sensor](/topics-crank-sensor/). If you have a auto zone close they will check your codes for free also.If hard starting that could be one of your sensors

I'm not available to check the car now though. I'm getting as much info as I can first.
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OK that would be a good place to start

Would the sensor problem make it "drive funny?"The steering wheel feels different alsoThere is an autozone near by
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That would be more like an alignment issue or a loose part in the front endOK and have them check your codes

that would also prevent it from starting?The first time it did it last week it was a hard start and it was making an odd noise. A real bad squeaking
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That’s why I need the code could be a cam or crank sensor

Okay.How long is this trial? I wont be able to make into AutoZone right away. Maybe tomorrow.
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Once you get the codes just post back and I will see if I can help

Okay sounds great.
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OK just let me know I will be here

Awesome! Thank you Roy
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Just post back here have a great day Thank you Roy

Greetings Roy. I got a couple codes for 2008 nissan exterraP0335. Crank shaft sensor I was toldP0443 is pending.
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Okay I would replace the crank sensor with a OEM Nissan sensor

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the 443 code is a vent control or emissions

I would have to drive 20 minutes to my nearest mechanic. Is it okay to drive with a faulty sensor?
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Automotive Expert
You can drive it if it starts ok

It takes a couple turns of 2 seconds to start
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You might want to replace the cam sensors also

Sounds like it wants to start. Just have to turn it a couple times
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That sounds like a bad crank sensor that's what they do

Okay I will start there. Thanks Roy.
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Your welcome have a great night !

You too! Thanks again for everything.
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Your welcome !

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