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With key on im only getting loud clicks like starter is fine but battery is dead however battery is brand new i also have replaced starter, starter solenoid, alternator, spark plugs and wires and distributor as well as ignition switch and module all within a week i know its electrical i just cant pinpoint it even though i have taken a meter to pretty much everything im supposed to be looking for. My question is what else is left for me to do electrically because it still seems like a battery issue and if its not electrical what could be the mechanical issue for the no start. Once again i am getting a fast set of loud clicks when the key is turned just no reaction from the motor whatsoever

My car has 255 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If what you have is a rapid tapping sound when you turn the key, You are not getting enough current to the starter. When the solenoid engages and connects the starter, the battery voltage rapidly drops to the point where the solenoid can no longer hold itself in. Once the solenoid is out, the starter is disconnected, and the voltage goes back up. Then the solenoid has the energy to kick back in and the cycle starts over again...Tap Tap Tap! Put your voltmeter on the battery while a helper turns the key. If you don’t see a significant drop in voltage there, you can work your way to the starter. If you’re tired of dealing with this yourself, you can have it taken care of at your convenience by contacting Your Mechanic. They will send a technician to your home or office to check out your starting issue and let you know what it is going to take to fix it.

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