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I purchased 3 ton Craftsman floor jack and jack stands to use for two vehicles, one of which is well below that weight capacity. However, afterwards, I found that the Gross Weight listed for our 2010 VW Routan is 6096 lbs. so my question is whether I need to buy another set of jack stands or if the 3 ton stands will be fine even though the vehicle sticker weight is roughly 100lbs over the jack stand capacity. I will also be using a 3 ton hydraulic floor jack as a third stand as an extra safety feature.

The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is the maximum operating weight of the vehicle as specified by the manufacturer. GVWR includes maximum passenger capacity, maximum cargo capacity (not including towing capacity), and a full tank of gas. While it never hurts to have tools that are "over-rated" for the job, unless you plan on lifting the vehicle while fully loaded - DON’T - 3 ton jack stands should support the vehicle just fine.

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