Q: Intermittent loss of acceleration and power

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I have taken this car to 2 diffrent mecanic shops. It doesnt throw any codes and the issue doesnt occur consistently. It happens when im on the road driving between 2 cities it never does it in town. I will be going steady at various speeds and the car will start to lose acceleration sometimes the car dies before i get to pull over. Other times ill pull over and then it will die. It cranks right back up. It will repeat this a few times trying to get the car home or to a safe spot. Its never given me a problem with cranking right back up. The cars fuel pump has been replaced along with a few fuel hoses. Its hard to diagnose aince its not putting off any codes. I called the dealership and they didnt seem to want to deal with it since no check engine light is on etc. Im at my wits end. I was laid off recently i cant aford to not have a reliable vehicle and i cant afford to traid it in. Please help!!

My car has 122000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Trying to diagnose this type of problem is incredibly difficult, so I totally understand the frustration. Usually, when this type of issue occurs, it is due to a loose electrical connection to an ignition system component, such as a crankshaft position sensor. If the connection is disrupted for just a second or so, the engine will stall. However, it’s also common for a mass air flow sensor to starve the engine of properly mixed fuel; especially during a longer distance drive like you’ve described. Clogged fuel injector and a dirty throttle body can also cause this type of problem. I wouldn’t recommend starting to replace parts, however, you might want to have the fuel injectors and throttle body cleaned, since this is routine maintenance that all vehicles should have completed every 50,000 miles. If the problem clears up after that, fantastic. If not, feel free to have one of our mobile mechanics come to your location to complete a car starts then dies inspection.

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