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Q: I just got my thermostat housing replaced but the check engine light is still on

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My car was overheating and I had a coolant leak so we got a mechanic to come by and check it out. He said I needed a thermostat housing replacement so we got the part and he fixed it. My check engine light is still on and he said I should take it back to the jiffy lube where I got my oil changed to see if they put in the right kind of oil in my car because he here's something funny in the engine. He also said I should take it back so they can reset my system and get the check engine light turned off.

My car has 54000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You should first check to see if the receipt for the oil chance shows the oil that was put into the engine when it was changed. If the oil put on receipt does not match the required oil for the engine then you should return to the lube place you had it done at. If the receipt lists the correct oil then the lube place will not do anything for you. Have this checked before taking it back and then go from there. The wrong oil may cause problems with the valve position control of the engine and cause codes and engine running problems.

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