Q: How many gaskets does a 2000 Chevrolet Impala have.

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i got my car repairing replacing the head gaskets, now his saying that it need two other gaskets when you change the head gaskets with other gasket you would need to replace??

When head gaskets are replaced, several other gaskets may be required. Some of these gaskets may include but are not limited to the valve cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, water pump gasket, timing cover gasket, and even in some rare cases the oil pan gasket. If any of these gaskets were recommended, it is likely that they are legitamate.

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Hello. When replacing the head gaskets you will need to also replace the valve cover gaskets, the intake manifold gaskets, the exhaust gaskets and various other gaskets for the EGR valve and throttle body. When doing a head gasket replacement you should always purchase a complete head set. This set includes every gasket and seal that is need when replacing head gaskets. If this set is not used then a lot of the old parts are reused which will cause issues over time.

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